You’ve Invested in Quality Visual Marketing. Now What?

Our partnership with Emma gives you access to the perfect distribution tool: a world-class email marketing system, designed to deliver.

Easy Template Building

Grab an elegant stock template from Emma’s extensive library, or simply drag and drop elements to create your own. You can even upload custom templates if you have them.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Real estate sales cycles are notoriously long. Stay in touch with automatic lead nurturing: automated emails that help you keep things personal without investing a lot of time.

Comprehensive Analytics

Emma makes it easy to keep score, with key metrics like delivery, open, and click-through rates. You even get a heat map so you can see how your audience interacts with your emails.

ROI on email marketing
the conversion rates of Facebook or Twitter
more click-throughs with video emails

Affordable, All-Inclusive Pricing

Emma doesn’t nickle-and-dime you for surveys, signups, and other value-added features. It’s all included!

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Try Emma free for 30 days. We’re pretty sure you’ll want to make it a long-term relationship – after all, that’s what we’ve done!

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