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We are the nation's leading provider of visual marketing solutions for real estate.

Your Success is Our Mission

We help real estate agents and brokers harness the power of visual marketing to win more listings, sell homes faster, attract better-quality leads, and grow their businesses.

How It All Began

The year was 2007, and IT engineer Andrew Crefeld was on the (house) hunt. But he and his wife were visiting listing after listing, only to discover the homes were nothing like the photos. Inspired by the Internet video revolution, Andrew prototyped a better way: full-motion walk-through video. The result was a hit with agents, buyers, and sellers alike, and HouseLens grew from there.

the listing conversions
the quality leads
weeks less on market
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Andrew Crefeld

Andrew Crefeld

Founder & CEO

Andrew founded HouseLens in 2008 after serving as an IT network engineer in both the U.S. Air Force and the corporate world. An entrepreneur and problem-solver at heart, he brings to HouseLens a strong vision for innovation and love of all things tech.

David Greenberg

David Greenberg


David Greenberg led marketing divisions at Ford and Mazda before making the switch to entrepreneurship and venture capital in 2011. His passion for new media, combined with deep expertise in sales, marketing, and operations, give him the ideal background to drive growth and efficiencies for HouseLens.

Sashank Purighalla

Sashank Purighalla


Sashank Purighalla brings more than 15 years of tech experience to his role as HouseLens CTO. He is dedicated to building technologies that propel business forward while contributing to the core mission and bottom line.

Mark Bacurin

Mark Bacurin


An experienced investor, analyst, and executive, Mark brings more than 20 years of financial experience to HouseLens. His mission is to build business value for the benefit of both the company and investors.

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