HouseLens Launches Online Certification for Photo and 3D Services

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Our network of highly skilled, professional artists has always been a key part of the HouseLens advantage. Now we’re taking it to the next level: today, we launched HouseLens University Online, a web-based certification platform for our professional photography and 3D services! Watch the video or read the press release below.

HouseLens Inc., the nation’s leading provider of visual marketing solutions for real estate, has launched a proprietary online certification program for its professional photography and 3D services.

“HouseLens is already functioning as part of the on-demand economy. We’ve built efficient systems that enable us to schedule shoots within 1-2 days in most cases, and deliver quality content within 24-48 hours,” says HouseLens Founder & CEO Andrew Crefeld. “This new platform enables us to move our certification process into the same territory.”

HouseLens currently recruits and certifies photographers and videographers (the company calls them “artists”) through HouseLens University, an in-house program where talented professionals learn HouseLens techniques and technology.

The new platform, HLU Online, allows artists to complete their photography and 3D certifications online. Artists will only need to attend HLU in Nashville if they wish to obtain video certification, which requires hands-on instruction.

Joseph Stanford, HouseLens’ director of artist development, expects that HLU Online will immediately double the company’s training capacity, with greater economies of scale to come.

“We’re on track to double the size of our artist pool by midyear, and the launch of HLU Online will allow us to do that at a very affordable cost per head, without adding training staff,” Stanford says.

The primary operational benefit, however, is rapid scaling to new markets. HouseLens currently serves 50 metro areas, with the ultimate goal of reaching all 144 of the nation’s top real estate markets.

“With more than one million real estate agents in the U.S. alone, we continue to expect significant year-over-year growth for HouseLens,” Crefeld says. “HLU Online is an enabler to help us capture that market in a scalable, sustainable way.”

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