How to Use Video or 3D to Market a Vacation Home

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Summer is in full swing, and that means peak vacation season–which means it’s also peak season for vacation-home rentals and sales.

Video and 3D are great tools for helping someone sell or rent out a vacation property. But keep in mind that marketing a vacation home with video or 3D isn’t quite the same as marketing other properties with video or 3D.

Follow these steps to maximize visibility and effectiveness when marketing a vacation home with video or 3D.

Think Outside the Box

Of course, you can list vacation homes on websites created for that purpose. But when you’re using video or 3D, you have many other options as well–and they’re almost all free!

Both video and 3D can go on your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And video can go on YouTube. (Not sure how to share video on social media? The HouseLens website has tutorials!)

Just don’t forget to include your contact info or a link with the post. You want people to be able to reach you when that fabulous video or 3D model catches their attention!

Think Globally

When you’re marketing a vacation home, you’re more likely to be marketing to a global audience. That means you need a marketing medium that cuts across cultures and language barriers – and video or 3D is just that tool.

With video or 3D, you don’t have to worry about whether a prospective buyer or renter can read the listing description. A full-motion video tour, interactive 3D model, or (ideally) both together will tell them everything they need to know.

And here are a couple of bonus tips, just for video.

Think Added Value

Location is huge with vacation homes. So think beyond a garden-variety listing video. Sell the property as part of a destination: include footage of attractions such as beaches, parks, and shopping and dining districts.

You might even want to do a series of videos that cater to different demographics. For example, put together a video highlighting kid-friendly attractions for families, and one highlighting nightlife and shopping for young professionals.

Think Personal

People don’t want a vacation property that feels cold and impersonal – they want something that feels like a home away from home. So use your video to highlight the features that will make buyers or renters feel comfortable in the property.

Maybe that’s a pool and deck with beautiful views, a cozy living room where families can relax, or a luxurious master suite that gives mom and dad a much-needed break. Ask your videographer to spend more time on those features, or record a voiceover or guided tour that highlights them.

Think Lead Gen

Biggest bonus of all: incorporate HouseLens Lead Generation into your marketing video to capture the buyer and renter leads. Viewers watch the video, get excited, and submit their information straight to your inbox so you can follow up!

Whether you’re using just video, just 3D, or both together, the boost to your marketing can be dramatic!

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