How to Maximize Your Broker Video Shoot

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If you’re a real estate broker, recruiting top-producing agents is probably high on your priority list.

Traditional recruiting methods, such as ads and referrals, can be effective. But why not set yourself apart from the crowd with a broker video? Especially if you’re looking to attract younger agents, a video-centric approach can be your not-so-secret weapon for grabbing the best talent.

Of course, producing a broker video can be expensive, but there are ways to maximize the value of your shoot.

Standardize It

If you lead a multi-office brokerage, or a multi-brokerage division of a real estate brand, include every office or brokerage in your video marketing plan, and hire one company to shoot all the videos.

To begin with, this will probably save you money. Video companies often give price breaks or throw in extra services on multi-project deals. So your total cost will be less than if you hired someone different to produce each video.

Bringing everyone into the loop and using one production company will also ensure consistent quality and messaging, which boosts the professionalism and attractiveness of your brand.

Use Community Video

When you’re recruiting agents, you don’t just have to sell them on working in your office; you also have to sell them on living in your community.

So build a shot list and send your video pro out to grab some B-roll around town. Some options to consider: parks and recreation areas, hip dining and shopping districts, schools, and any particularly beautiful neighborhoods.

In short, anything that will make an agent think, “I want to live there!” – and make them believe it will be easy to convince other people to buy a home in the area, too.

Bonus: you can reuse the community footage later to help market listings!


If you plan carefully, you can get two videos for the price of one and change. For instance, shooting an alternate introduction or swapping out a little bit of B-roll can yield one version for recruiting agents and another for recruiting buyers and sellers.

Or just build one broker video that suits both audiences. Including community footage will help with this: community videos are the most popular kind of video among home buyers, with an 86% share of the audience.

real estate video usage

Community videos are the most popular type of real estate video, followed closely by listing videos.

You can also ask your agents to talk not just about why they love working for you, but also why they love living in your community or working in real estate. This will help make the video more relevant to buyers and sellers.

And remember those multi-project discounts? Your video pro will probably include some discounted agent bios if the crew is already going to be on-site.

Just set up in an attractive conference room or office and send agents through, assembly-line fashion. Supplement with community footage to add extra flair.

Maximizing ROI on brokerage videos can be easy, if you just know where to direct your energies. Try these tips, and a broker promotional video can be a key – but still affordable – part of your video marketing strategy!

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